Art: Exploring other ideas….

I have been going back through my work to explore other options that I could have submitted to create a supporting sketchbook. When coming up with my original ideas I only had time to focus on the one idea as it takes a huge amount of effort and time to process and understand the course information and then form a plan that meets the module criteria. Therefore I find myself in the position of working backwards, submitting my final piece and then creating my idea development sketches.

Illuminated I/i

As I have mentioned previously, I reflected that I could have taken a more personal approach to the brief, rather than focusing on my professional journey. To illustrate this I could have drawn a jigsaw puzzle piece that was similar in shape to a capital ‘I’ to represent my being autistic. I could have then filled in the shape with things that I feel are key to my personality or interests. I have also come up with a similar design using a lower case ‘I’.

Lexicon Of Elements

  • Crocodile Eggs: I could have drawn a baby crocodile emerging from the egg or I could have drawn a fried egg as an island inhabited by crocodiles.
  • Betrothed: I could have drawn a ring in the box with a couple sat in the lid admiring the sunlight on the jewel.
  • A Misty Landscape: I could have drawn mountains, a landscape reflected in an eye or a field with the silhouette of a fence and animals.
  • Self Portrait: I could have drawn my self and my spiritual true self on opposite sides of a mirror, drawn my fingerprint with my interests spiralling in, or a pocket watch telling my lifetime.

I have sketched all these ideas very very roughly as a plan. I’m not sure if I need to draw them out in detail as they are just plans but at least I can show I have thought about different ideas.

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