Lexicon of Marks & Style Development

Recently I have been thinking about how to construct the images “Crocodile Eggs” and “Betrothed”.

My Lexicon
Crocodile Eggs

I have learned that marks such as the irregular circles used in the Betrothed are not good for background or as base marks as I need to use so many of them to make up tone and colour I lose the definition of the mark. I usually am never left with the same marks as I start out with during my process, so making the marks the focus is very challenging for me, especially since I am being limited to a specific set of marks in this brief. Which I suppose is the intention.

Reflecting on my practise of this brief, I am starting to consider emotion in marks. Why do I call zigzags ‘Sharp’ or curves “soft’. In films like Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas the Halloween world is full of sharp and jagged lines, why does this make us feel that is scary or creepy? I was also thinking of the Mr Men, the shapes are personified, Mr Messy is a personified mark. Dr Seuss uses some wonderful lines in his books as well, the buildings I am thinking of in particular. The most obvious example I guess would be the Grinch; Whoville (where everyone is happy and filled with the spirit of Christmas) is full of curving, arching, round and flowing shapes. Whereas outside of Whoville where the Grinch lives it is much more ‘sharper’ and has less colour, so why does that mean that Whoville is warm and safe and mountains harsh and lonely? Why do I instantly make that connection based on the shapes, lines and colours used?

(“Spoiler Alert! | Computer Graphics World”, 2020)

In relation to my practise, I have been wondering what will people see when they look at my work? How can I make best use of marks to communicate Okko and Eartha’s personalities…

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