Starting My Course & OkkoEartha

Hello Everyone! I have been able to access my course materials for the first time this week, which is exciting 🙂 I’ve been getting things ready for the start date and making sure my ILP and support is all in place and ready so have been very busy. When my course starts I am going to aim to produce 1 frame a week for my graphic novel and as many experiments as possible. I will probably be setting up a separate blog for my uni work which I will link to this one. I haven’t had much time for Okko and Eartha recently because of this so I’m going to share my ideas on the next steps.

I am going to illustrate everything in black and white or completely silhouette except from specific elements that I want to draw the readers attention to.

This is the first draft of my ideas so far. I’m not happy with any of it but of course it is a work in progress. It is all too clumsy and fragmented. I am struggling yet again with depth and texture and making my backgrounds blend in. I am also getting quite frustrated with my lack of consistency, I’m not being too hard on myself for this one as I was rushed to complete. I am going to draw Okko and Eartha in ‘no-space’ (empty background) from now on and have only very minimal backgrounds so I can focus my attention on their figures and perfect them as they are the most important. I will add background details more overtime as I get happier with Okko and Eartha.

To improve the quality of my work my next goal is to work on my shading and refine my detail work. I think I am doing okay considering I am teaching myself a new style which is good. I am also considering Line/Continuous Line Drawings for the necessary details such as objects and clothes. This is where I am going to begin merging styles. My course is starting on Monday so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment and get feedback. It’s exciting!

1 thought on “Starting My Course & OkkoEartha”

  1. Good luck on your exciting new venture Meg,l know that you will put every effort into your latest challenge which will be very rewarding and hopefully bring you great satisfaction once you get into it.

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