Phase 2: Character Development -Personalities

Hey Everyone! Now I have decided on what my characters are I need to start building on their personalities and giving them individuality. I’ve made a list of the basic ideas of Okko and Eartha which I will be adding to as time goes on.



  • Music (Rock/Pop/Ballads/)
  • Food & Cooking (Banana/Pasta- especially lasagne/Curry)
  • Exploring (Swimming/paddling in puddles/Walking in gardens/climbing tree roots, blowing bubbles/flowers)
  • Laughing (playing and going on adventures with Okko)
  • Art (painting/clay/weaving)
  • Games (Harvest Moon/Professor Layton/Animal Crossing)
  • Stories (Comedy Series/Fairy Tales)
  • Loves (Okko/Acoustic music/making chocolate drops/discovering new stories)
  • Needs (Routine/calm environments/gentle sounds/time to process information/clear finishing times and transition strategies/prompting and support to engage in conversation)



  • Music (Playing Guitar/Saxophone)
  • Traveling (Sailing)
  • Hobbies (Astronomy/Woodwork/History)
  • Exercise (Running)
  • Going to the beach
  • Games (Mario Kart/Zelda)
  • Relaxing and Reading
  • Loves (Eartha/Making Eartha smile/Cottage Pie/being tidy)
  • Needs (To be organised and have an organised environment/clear communication and trust)
  • Job/Study (Ecology and Environmentalism)
Can’t get the eyes right!

I have began to create some sketches of Okko in different angles, I’m finding it difficult to get the eyes the correct shape when the head is at an angle. Okko looks really bored on the left but I’m not focusing on expressions in this piece so am not going to worry about it. I am going to try and create a few poses that include different angles to make sure I get as much expressive facial and body language into my work as possible. At the moment I am working on a sitting at a desk pose for Okko. I want him to be writing a list of all the things he has learnt about Eartha so far including some of her autistic traits. In my next post I will therefore be covering stiming and going into some aspects of autism that I find people don’t know how to respond to or understand.

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