Phase One – Drawing Begins!

At the moment I have been trying to figure out how I am going to draw my character now that I have decided on a concept and design. I feel one of the best ways to do this would be through anime as the expressions created in this art style are amazing, my specific interest is in Chibi drawing. Chibi expressions are super exaggerated and are drawn as three heads tall with a head that is larger than correct proportions, this creates a cute and humourous character design. Anime characters usually ‘break-out’ in chibi expressions when they are feeling very strong emotions. I don’t particularly like much of the most popular anime but I have found some nice ones which I prefer such as Bananya, Ouran Host club ( I think Haruhi is amazing ^^) and Cells At Work.

(Chibi Expressions | Drawings, Sketches, Anime drawings, 2020)

So I have decided to draw a 180 head-turn and body turn-around of my character as well as an expression chart. I have also been thinking about how I am going to tell my stories. I want a human to find my character and access my hidden world through observing and interacting with my character. My character is going to be called Eartha and the human that finds her is called Okko. Eartha means of the earth and Okko means Blue, there are lots of other meanings but these are my favourite.

I am going to begin by creating a 180 turn-around of Okko and Eartha’s heads, then an expression chart for them both and finally a 180 body turn-around. I think these are some good goals to set my self because the outcome will effectively be my own Okko & Eartha reference guide which I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of in future works. I am going to be using Clip Paint Pro (イラスト マンガ制作ソフト・アプリ CLIP STUDIO PAINT(クリップスタジオペイント), 2020) to create my work and I’m still quite new to the software but hopefully I’ll get hang of it soon 🙂 I have experimented a lot and decided to use these outcomes:

Elements of Eartha’s Face #1
Eartha Final Product
Okko – Blue

I was finding it hard to keep consistency in my drawing and the way my hand moves was creating an alien like shape for the head, disaster! I tried turning my paper around in my next draft to see if that would make a difference and it created a much more natural line and flow. I have also found hair REALLY difficult to draw and create depth in. After looking over some of my drawings and evaluating them I think I was struggling with light and shade as my characters are not in a setting I didn’t know where the light was coming from and this was affecting my ability to create depth. For example Eartha’s hair is still very ‘flat’ and block coloured which is not a result I am aiming for whereas Okko’s hair is much more layered and soft. I am going to keep on working on Eartha’s hair and if I nail it soon I might include an update on her progression in my next post.

Speaking of different posts, I have also been writing drafts of an introduction to autism, this is taking me quite some time as autism is such a complex and diverse topic. All autistic people are different and many will have different thoughts and feelings about being autistic, so there is a lot to think about and decide how I am going to present my experiences whilst being mindful and respectful of others with autism. For example some people don’t see being autistic as a disability, they see it as being enabled to see the world in a unique and positive way, which is how believe everyone should regard autism. However my personal experience is very different from this and I do not yet have the confidence and self-esteem to see myself as enabled with autism. Through out my graphic novel Eartha represents Autism and Okko represents how I wanted the rest of the world to respond to me, what I wish would have happened and will happen for others. I hope this offers insight and brings people together ^^

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