Dear creative minds,

Welcome! The aim of my work is to raise awareness of Autism and share my passion for stories and imagination. On this site you find my illustrations and blogs tracking my creative journey towards this goal. I hope you enjoy my work ^^

Recently I have been thinking…

  • Autism: Not a big deal
    I have been meaning to make a post about Theory of Mind for ages now but I have been so busy with Uni and personal issues that I have not had the chance. Over the past few weeks I have however noticed some reactions towards autism that I wanted to talk about. Why do people… Continue reading Autism: Not a big deal
  • Illustration: New Inspiration
    Heikala (“Cozy”, 2020)   About Heikala Heikala is an illustrator, with a background in graphic design, from Finland. Her style is influenced by Finnish children’s book illustration and Japanese animation and culture. Heikala uses watercolour and ink to create her illustrations which centres on characters, environments and storytelling; focusing primarily on witches and their familiars.… Continue reading Illustration: New Inspiration
  • Art: Exploring other ideas….
    I have been going back through my work to explore other options that I could have submitted to create a supporting sketchbook. When coming up with my original ideas I only had time to focus on the one idea as it takes a huge amount of effort and time to process and understand the course… Continue reading Art: Exploring other ideas….

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